keep up with the latest literature 

Access to research literature enables your research and manufacturing staff to stay on top of the latest developments, keeping them sharp, and your company competitive. Unfortunately, most companies simply do not have broad, internal access to the content they need, hurting market position and competitive ability. 

ReadCube changes all that, providing affordable access to full-text access to scientific articles from over 100 top journals to any and all of your employees, starting at just $3.99 an article. 

smarter business intelligence 

The best market intelligence for the research community is scientific literature. A product citation in a high impact journal is the most valuable product testimonial that exists. And knowing your competition for a particular protocol or technique is essential to growing market share or expanding to new verticals. 

When an alert (From Thomson, Google, etc.) comes in and identifies an article that may be critical to your business, enable your team to evaluate each lead or data point without incurring the high cost of the PDF. 



a custom fit for your business

ReadCube Access is designed to fit companies of all sizes. It enables you to set a budget of any size, and unlike token systems, allows you to customize both the content available and type(s) of access to provide to your staff. 

ReadCube Access is proud to offer articles from more than 100 journals on, including Nature magazine, Nature Communications, the Nature Reviews series, as well as many society titles. 

You can adjust your access profile at any time to ensure that ReadCube Access remains a perfect fit to both your budget and your company’s needs. 



how does it work?

When your staff finds an article they want to read that they don’t have access to, they typically see a paywall. ReadCube Access is embedded on the publisher’s site, and replaces the paywall with access options chosen by you and marked with your company’s brand.  

Plus, it’s easy to keep track of what content is consumed and--account for spend by department--using your secure ReadCube Access dashboard. 

ReadCube Access for Business

ReadCube Access brings your company affordable, on-demand access to the the latest research, ensuring that your team stays informed, up-to-date, and competitive.